Simoniz Glasscoat



Simoniz Your VW at Langan Volkswagen of Vernon

If you want to customize your VW and add to its resale value all at once, ask our sales professionals about the Simoniz® GlassCoat package we offer at Langan Volkswagen of Vernon. This service at our Volkswagen dealership in Vernon, CT, can actually add to your car’s trade-in value by serving as protection for the interior and exterior features of your vehicle that aren’t covered by the manufacturer. The Simoniz GlassCoat is a permanent ceramic barrier film that ensures your vehicle is protected for life. The main chemical in this product is Polysilazane, also used in such products as anti-graffiti/corrosion and UV protection paints, solar panels, marine/aircraft coatings and more!  It actually bonds with the clearcoat of your Volkswagen, leaving behind a fine glass ceramic resin base. In fact, GlassCoat can even increase factory gloss and thickness of the paint film by up to 10% — plus the GlassCoat application is covered by a lifetime warranty!

What is covered by the
Simoniz GlassCoat application?

Exterior Protection From:

  • Tree sap, insects and bird droppings
  • Acid rain
  • Road de-icing materials
  • UV damage
  • Hard water spots
  • Paint overspray or aerosol spray paint

Interior Protection From:

  • Chewing gum, coffee and food
  • Make-up, ink and crayons
  • Clothing dye
  • Blood, vomit, urine, pet waste, etc.
  • Mold and mildew
  • Loose seams

If you want to reduce scratches in your paint, swirl marks on the surface or messed up interior materials, let the experts at the Langan Volkswagen of Vernon service center handle your Simoniz GlassCoat application. If you have any questions about this procedure or want to schedule an appointment, contact us today or swing by our dealership right away!